UnClobber Book Study to begin soon

In response to a survey of our congregation, a new book study group will begin this summer.  It is a Bible study and an issue study at the same time.  The book is titled UNclobber: Rethinking our misuse of the Bible on homosexuality.  By Colby Martin.   $9.94

The author is a pastor who lost his job when he dared to align his heart and head over the issue of homosexuality.  He thought, “If God loves all of us, even though we are all sinners, how can the Christian Church cast a whole group of humans out as unworthy of  God’s grace?

“Clobber passage” are  six passages of scripture that have been used by some Christians to  claim that God considers homosexuality  an “abomination” . This attitude dehumanizes people who claim their sexual identity as other than heterosexual.  Colby Martin takes a fresh look at these scriptures to see if he can confirm them as condemning homosexuality, or if he can UNCLOBBER them.

If you want to join us as we read this  book together please give your name to Lynn Freed in the church office.  We will order as many books as we have people expressing the desire to participate.

Group leaders will be Rev. Alexis and Barb Wilcox.