We are inviting all 7th & 8th graders this fall to begin Confirmation!!
Grow confident in their relationship with Jesus Christ so that they are ready to accept responsibility for their discipleship. Understand what it means to be a member of a church so that they are ready to join us as adults in our mission and ministry.
     There will be a class most Wednesdays during the school year, 6pm-7:45pm. Supper will be served 6:30-7, and worship will be 7:30-7:45pm. – This is something new we are trying!
      Participating in Sunday morning twice a month: acolyting for either service, playing in the Praise Band, singing in the choir, sound board, running the powerpoint, greeters, ushers, or bringing snacks. Students have the ability to choose their service, their level of involvement, and the weeks they participate.
        Summer Games University camp – July 9th – 13th at Grinnell College. We will be doing fundraisers to pay for as much of each person’s camp as possible.
We will have a meeting for everyone interested on Sunday Aug 6th at 11:30am (immediately following our Refuge Worship.)